Design Refresh

$35.00 per hour

I will revitalize your space by re-arranging your existing furniture, accessories, and artwork.

 Home Services

Pricing is a combination of space, needs, and overall time spent completing the project.

Personal Shopper

 Space Planning

$40.00 per hour

Are you stumped trying to figure out how to arrange your furniture? Do you want to maximize your space? Leave it to Studio J Decor to help you with this.

Color Consultation

$40.00 per hour 

Choosing the right paint color can be extremely daunting for many people. I will lend a professional eye to help you avoid costly and timely mistakes, and help you achieve the look and feel you envisioned.

Studio J Decor will create an oasis that you will love. The design scheme addresses the following: fabrics, furniture, window treatments, paint, rugs, flooring, artwork, lighting, and accessories.


Getting Started

​​         Online Services

​Design for a one time flat fee. There are never any hidden or hourly charges.



*Studio J Decor will execute all aspects of your interior project. From workplace design, consulting, space planning, and interior design.

 Mini Makeover

$35.00 per hour

If you don't need a full home makeover, but want to make some small changes to freshen up your space this is the package for you. I can help you select the best materials for your home or workplace, keeping your budget in mind.

A complete list of all your 
items with links.

 Window Treatments

$75.00 per window

(price excludes cost of fabrics)

Full Day Service

$35.00 per hour

Need help making selections on your furniture and designs? I will spend the day with you offering advice, tips, and more!

Pricing is based on an 8 hour day

Your personalized style 
board is specific to your 
space, taste, and budget.


$150.00 per room

This package focuses on space planning using your existing furniture and tying your whole room together with new accessories and finishing touches.


$30.00  per hour

I will focus on finishing and rejuvenating your interiors with accessories I pick out


$299 per room
Complete Interior Design Service at an affordable price


 Interior Design Services

$500.00 and up

I will work with existing and/or new pieces to create distinctive and relaxing interiors. I've managed large and small projects, using different styles - my experience and enthusiasm for interior design motivates me to create an oasis for my clients to enjoy for years to come.

   designs by Joy

Studio J Decor

Layout instructions to 
make install easy.

 Complete Home Makeover

$1,000.00 and up

Are you ready for a complete home makeover? With this package I will transform your home and you'll think that you live in a brand new home

  All packages include: 

 Workplace Services

Pricing varies, please call me directly for more information regarding your specific needs.